Artist Statement

As an active student leader on campus, I had a great desire to build an inclusive community at MICA. The project was an interactive installation where participants submitted one word on a small slip of paper describing their feelings towards the MICA community. Then they “wrote” someone else’s anonymously submitted word with paper letters. It was important for the process to be anonymous because of the pressures one may feel while expressing feelings that may not fit the expectations of MICA or the MICA community. By removing the individual from their word, they are liberated to express what they truly feel. Having the words exhibited in a public space gives everyone the opportunity to reflect on a diverse collection of opinions, and engages a broader understanding of the community.

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I am proposing to install ten documentation photos of my interactive installation as well as an extension of the installation with magnetic letters in Gateway Gallery 2.
(see diagram for visual aid) I will be installing all of the 13” x 19” printed photos in 16.5” x 20.5” frames from IKEA. The frames will then be hung using nails on the 13’ and one side of the 10’ gallery walls evenly spaced apart from one another. On the other side of the 10’ gallery wall I will horizontally install six 14.5” x 30.75” IKEA Magnetic Boards with nails or use Magnetic Paint if my experiments with the paint prove to be successfully magnetic. I will then place modified paper letters with magnetic sheets attached to the backing as an extension/recreation of the interactive installation so people can participate during the lifespan of the show. Vinyl lettering will be cut in the Graphic Design Department for free and installed on the 5’ wall. The vinyl will display the name of the exhibition, the dates of the exhibition, the artist name, and my artist statement. Below the vinyl lettering I will have a pedestal installed holding my postcards, business cards, and guest book. The Gateway Gallery 2 is the ideal gallery for this show because it will have the most exposure to a diverse MICA community. Because the original installation took place in a foundation dormitory, I am now particularly interested in showing to the upperclassmen which makes this location ideal because it is an upperclassmen residence hall. It is also a key gathering space for the community with events taking place in both the BBOX and the Bamboo Garden on the third floor. The space also reflects pieces of my concept with its openness of expression of opinions which reflect the installation taking place on the lawn. The gallery show would best be installed in March 2013 because at that time everyone--including spring transfer students--will have had time to solidify their opinions of the MCIA community.